advantages to s corporations


Subsequent to formation, should it become necessary as a consequence of your company's activities, supplemental filings with governmental agencies may be required, and they may be ordered online. You may find, for example, that it is necessary to amend your articles, qualify to do business in another state, merge your company with another, or even dissolve your company. We will take care of these filings for you using the documents you provide for $49 in addition to state filing fees or, if you prefer and if possible, both prepare and file the forms for an additional $30. Contact us for details if the need arises, or order online.

Inevitably, you will need to secure business licenses and permits from the jurisdictions in which you do business. You can get all your federal, state, county and municipal licenses and permits online in the myriad of separate licensing jurisdictions in the United States. Just locate, fill out and submit all the necessary forms online, starting at $19.99 per form.


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