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Lawyer Experience and Assistance at a Fixed Low Price

There are lawyers who form corporations or LLCs rarely (if at all) and deliver an adequate service, but at too great a cost. There are lay persons who purport to provide an adequate service at a very inexpensive price, but do not deliver. There are only two legal reasons (there may be tax reasons or practical reasons) to incorporate or form an LLC: to have the peace of mind that your business liabilities are limited to the business assets (as much as the law allows), and do not jeopardize your personal assets, and to satisfactorily structure the relationship between the participants in the business. A service which does not provide that assurance and that structure is a waste of money at any price. We provide a quality service, meeting these objectives, at a competitive price.

We invite you to look at our incorporation fees, our limited liability company fees, and our trademark registration fees.

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