Free legal advice, particularly free online legal advice, is virtually non-existent. We offer a lot of free legal information on this site, the difference being that legal information is not tailored to your personal situation.You have to apply it to your situation. or have someone do it for you. Since most people don't make the distinction, we're going to use the word "advice" to mean legal information not tailored for you.

Getting legal advice from us in this sense is going to get easier for our clients, who often have a lot of questions which arise immediately after ordering a corporation or an LLC or registering a trademark through us. We're creating a Client Login section to help with this "aftercare" during the period immediately following filing. We don't promise everything at once. In many states, there won't be any information right now, but we will be posting information which will be helpful to clients wondering what to do next after their company is formed or their trademark registration application is filed. This is information we didn't offer before, and we are offering it now without additional cost. This is as close to free as we can possibly justify economically.

There will eventually be a page for every state, adding states as soon as we can, and a page for federal trademark registration. These pages will deal with practical information as well as legal information, and we welcome suggestions as to content, since this endeavor is and will probably always be a work in progress. Those of our clients who have a username and a password are invited to go to our Client Login page. If you formed a company or filed an application to register a trademark recently and you do not have a username and a password, please call us.


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