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Incorporate Fees - Alabama Alaska And Other Corporation


Some document preparers tout savings in attorney's fees, but in fact minimize their initially quoted prices by providing only part of the service needed to satisfy state laws and the courts (leaving you on your own to fulfill the rest of those needs). Others start cheap but offer additional services at additional cost, quoting their prices "cafeteria style" - you don't know the true cost until you get to the cashier. We offer package prices for what you really need, a complete LLC formation service, but we can modify this to fit your needs.

At a minimum, we can prepare and file articles and pay state filing fees for you (see below for rates). You can then decide how you want to take care of the operating agreement and minutes of organization meeting and take the other steps needed. You should do (or have done for you) what you need to do to (1) give yourself the "sleep at night" assurance that your personal assets are as safe from business debts as the law allows and (2) satisfactorily structure the relationship between the participants in the business. Taking care of these matters is included (among other things) in our recommended package (package prices). (As a part of that complete service, for example, we provide a Right of First Refusal Agreement, which gives the remaining members the right to purchase the shares of a departing member (or, for single person LLCs, a discount on future minutes). Agreements between the members can be as complicated and comprehensive as you desire, but this agreement is a good start and you can add to it later, when funds may be more readily available).

  The following table of prices includes, for the indicated state, the state filing fees and filing and acceptance (by the state) of the basic document (usually called articles of incorporation). With this approach, it is up to you to take such further steps as may be necessary to give the participants in the business the assurance that their personal assets are as immune as is possible from business debts, and that their relationship to each other is structured satisfactorily:


State Incorporate LLC State Incorporate LLC
Alabama $185 $175 Missouri $158 $195
Alaska $350 $350 Montana $170 $170
Arizona $160 $150 Nebraska $160 $225
Arkansas $145 $145 Nevada $175 $175
California*  $195 $170 New Hampshire $185 $185
Colorado $150 $150 New Jersey $225 $225
Connecticut $375 $220 New Mexico $195 $150
Delaware $189 $190 New York $240 $295
D.C. $295 $265 North Carolina $225 $225
Florida $170 $225 North Dakota $190 $235
Georgia $240 $195 Ohio $225 $225
Hawaii $150 $150 Oklahoma $150 $195
Idaho $195 $195 Oregon $195 $195
Illinois $295 $595 Pennsylvania $225 $225
Indiana $190 $190 Rhode Island $330 $250
Iowa $150 $150 South Carolina $235 $210
Kansas $190 $265 South Dakota $250 $250
Kentucky $150 $140 Tennessee $195 $395
Louisiana $160 $175 Texas $395 $295
Maine $245 $275 Utah $170 $170
Maryland $220 $195 Vermont $175 $195
Massachusetts $375 $595 Virginia $175 $195
Michigan $160 $150 Washington $275 $275
Minnesota $260 $260 West Virginia $195 $195
Mississippi $150 $150 Wisconsin $195 $230
      Wyoming $195 $195
* A substantial tax is payable with respect to limited liability companies and certain corporations.

The foregoing fees are subject to change without notice.

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