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We need the information on this form to prepare your application for trademark registration. You have three ways to give us this information:

bullet.jpg (725 bytes)   Either fax the completed form to 602-532-7015 or mail the form to Milliken PLC, 4643 East Thomas Road, Suite 9, Phoenix, Arizona. We will call you to confirm. 

bullet.jpg (725 bytes)   Or fill out the form entirely and click "Submit" to finish your order. We will call you to confirm. 

bullet.jpg (725 bytes)   Or call us at 1-877-INC-LINK (877-462-5465) and we will walk you through the process.


Some of the information you provide to us to register your trademark must be provided to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, where it may become a matter of public record. That information (as well as incidental information we need to draft your trademark documents) is as follows:

FIRST: The TRADEMARK OR SERVICE MARK ("MARK"), the text of which is:

(Many people think of a trademark as a logo. Usually, however, a trademark consists primarily of words. Few can afford the advertising campaign necessary to establish a logo, STANDING ALONE, as a trademark. If you add a logo to the words of a trademark, you may increase your costs. Ask us about this if you are interested.

SECOND: The GOODS/SERVICES COVERED by this MARK are described as follows

THIRD: We need information about the MARK OWNER ("Applicant"):

Name of Applicant:

Applicant is (Type of Entity): 
Individual / Citizen of



Limited Liability Company*

*State or Country of Organization, Formation or Incorporation:  

Street Address (P.O. BOX not acceptable)

Address (cont.)


FOURTH: We need information about the INDIVIDUAL WHO WILL SIGN the trademark/service mark application (the Applicant or an officer of the Applicant:


Title (If signing for a corporation, LLC or Partnership):

FIFTH: we need information about the USE OF THE MARK:

Pick one  

Currently in use, First used:

Haven't used the Mark, but Intend to Use it.

And if it has been used, whether or not it has been USED IN INTERSTATE COMMERCE:

Note: Interstate use of a Mark is use involving two or more states.

First used the Mark in interstate commerce on this date:

Have not used the mark in interstate commerce but intend to do so.



YES - (NAME of state or country):


Our search company can provide an expedited search at an additional fee upon request. Ask if interested. We do not charge extra for expedited filing and there is no extra charge for "shipping and handling". The USPTO filing fee of $325 per class is not, however, included in our fee for the preparation of the trademark application for registration.

You are not required to order a search, but if you do not, you must check the box indicating that you have already performed a satisfactory search.

Comprehensive Search
Legal Review of Search and Other Matters and Preparation of Trademark Application by Milliken PLC
(includes 48 hour processing)
(Includes undertakings by Milliken PLC)
$695 ($270 refundable on certain conditions)
(this is the recommended alternative)


I have conducted a search which is satisfactory to me and assume all the risk that my trademark may infringe upon another's, or that my application for registration may be rejected by the USPTO.With this understanding, I want Milliken PLC to prepare my trademark application for registration with the USPTO.


(includes 48 hour processing, but does not include (1) any search, any guarantees or representations with respect to any search conducted by the client, or (2) the undertakings which go with our recommended method of procedure)

EIGHTH: obviously optional, but we would appreciate your FEEDBACK. How did you hear about us?

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Comments about our service:


The information in 1 through 6 (above), may have to be provided to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, where it will become a matter of public record. When you press the "submit" button (below), that information will be submitted to us. We will not submit it to the USPTO without your authorization.


TOTAL CHARGE: (USPTO fees not included)

*Please check the accuracy of phone number. A LIVE PERSON WILL CALL to confirm your order after you click "Submit"

If you have any questions, please call us at 1-877-INC-LINK (877-462-5465) or e-mail us (Please include your phone number along with your comments).  We will begin processing your application upon receipt of your completed order.



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