advantages to s corporations


For the duration of this special offer we will form a Nevada LLC or incorporate a Nevada corporation for $99 plus the state filing fee of $75 ($174 total cost) (services included), provided that your registered agent for the state of Nevada is LawyerAgents. LawyerAgents charges $99 per year for registered agent service (you are required to have a registered agent in Nevada anyway, and LawyerAgents charge for that service is at the lowest end of the spectrum).

If there is a "catch" to this offer, it is not in the requirement that you use LawyerAgents, but in the fact that you are choosing Nevada as the place of incorporation/formation. Specifically, the fees you have to pay to the state of Nevada for maintenance of an entity are sizable. There is no law firm (or non-incorporation agency, for that matter) who can eliminate this problem, since the fees we're talking about are imposed on everyone by the state of Nevada, and are the price you pay if you want to form an entity in Nevada. You can't avoid them even if you form your own company.

Specifically, you will be required to pay the state $125 for a report and $200 more for a business license within a couple months after incorporation, and every year thereafter. The only way of avoiding this is to form your company in another state (if forming in another state is of interest to you, call us for alternatives).

To take advantage of this offer, Call 1-877-462-5465 or order online (enter order code NVINC).


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